The popular AMC television show “Mad Men,” having just started its final season, has us all enjoying a sort-of flashback frenzy. From high fashion to the Old-Fashioned, this era could be called more mod than mad. Pull on a pencil skirt or a fancy fedora and head to one of these San Diego joints for their take on the classic cocktail concoctions.

(Courtesy photo)(Courtesy photo)

The Duck Dive: There Will Be Blood (well, blood oranges that is) at Pacific Beach’s The Duck Dive this summer. Channeling Don Draper’s favorite, the “Old-Fashioned,” this Mad Men-esque cocktail combines Old Forrester Bourbon, fresh blood orange, bitters, maraschino cherry, brown sugar and ginger ale. At 142 years young, Old Forrester is America’s oldest brand of bourbon. During Prohibition, it was one of only 10 brands sold under the guise that it was “for medicinal use only.”


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